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Capps Middle School social studies teacher wins Oklahoma award

Chris Jefferies

The Oklahoma Council for the Social Studies named a Putnam City teacher its middle school teacher of the year at the organization’s fall conference.

Chris Jefferies, a social studies teacher at Capps Middle School, received this year’s award.

The award recognizes a teacher who incorporates innovative instructional strategies and techniques, fosters a spirit of inquiry and skills and shows professional involvement and leadership, according to a news release. The award also recognizes teachers who support the development of democratic beliefs and values of civic participation.

Jefferies, who teaches eighth-grade U.S. History, has taught for six years in Putnam City, the last four years at Capps. She is known for encouraging discussion as a way to enhance learning.

“U.S. history is an interesting subject that becomes more interesting when information about historical events is presented with the different points of view from all involved. It’s an amazing feeling when a class discussion is going on and students realize the event is often seen differently from different sides involved,” she said.

Keely Frayser, principal at Capps Middle School, said Jefferies has a strong ability to connect to students and understand how to capture their attention and minds. As an example, Frayser cites a hands-on history lesson in which Jefferies presents artifacts a soldier would take to the battlefield during the Civil War.

The Faculty and Staff would like to congratulate Mrs. Jefferies

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